Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chicago Couple Weds in the Olympics

Two chefs creating their own unique wedding!
There is so much to love about weddings.  Today, I ventured out to the Port Angeles area, about 80 miles from Seattle.  There I met Dylan and Dana, a great couple from Chicago. (That's where Kent and I met!)  They selected their wedding location based on the culinary signature of the area and beautiful scenery.  They decided on the greater Seattle area since they hadn't visited here yet, stopped by Pike Place Market to pick up the makings for a dinner or two, then traveled to their destination -- a cabin east of Port Angeles with a magnificent view of the Olympics.  (Plus it has a heated pool, jacuzzi, gazebo and its own pond.)

Dana and I immediately started talking about "field to table" dinners, preserving small, local farms, sustainable agriculture.  These are passionate interests for her ... and for me.  Dana even wanted her dress to be more of a person-to-person experience so she went online to Etsy and found one that was unique and perfectly suited her.

Both the bride and the groom wanted to be wed with the mountains behind them.  The Olympics were visible at the start of the day but a cloud bank moved in as the morning progressed and the two were losing hope.  Then, just before the wedding ceremony, the clouds shifted a bit and there were the mountains.  Perfect!

The weather was also surprisingly warm.  Dana was delighted she was almost comfortable outside without a coat.  (Brave woman.)

The vows were exchanged, the papers signed and the couple are now Mr. and Mrs!  It was a great experience all around.  Wishing the two a lifetime of happiness and health and an infinite number of absolutely great meals.

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