Saturday, April 27, 2013

Green Lake Wedding Complete with Canada Geese

What a fun wedding!  Jeremy and Jennifer stopped by our place for a private wedding ceremony before heading to Puerto Vallarta to celebrate a formal wedding with 22 of their family members and closest friends.

Jennifer arrived carrying her wedding gown ... and curious thoughts of transporting her wedding dress through the airport and onto the air plane came to mind.  Looking forward to hearing more in the near future.


After preparing the marriage documents so they would be easily signed after the ceremony, off the three went (Kent officiated) to nearby Green Lake (we are just blocks away). 

During the ceremony, the Canada geese arrived.  One pair honked on the lake and then flew away as Kent spoke about Jennifer and Jeremy embarking on a new stage in their lives.  How synchronistic is that!

Then, while the couple exchanged their vows, Momma Goose, Pappa Goose and their goslings toddled over and plopped themselves down right next to Jeremy and Jennifer.  They remained there, gazing up at the newlyweds! So cute, so adorable.

After the personal part of the ceremony, two of the Green Lakers were invited to witness the marriage.  What a special way to celebrate a sunny day in Seattle!


Then it was time for Jennifer and Jeremy to make it legal!   And to head off to Mexico (Las Caletas to be exact) ... hasta luego.

Wishing the newlyweds a most excellent life together.

If you are interested in having Canada geese witness your wedding vows to each other, give us a call to arrange your private ceremony at Green Lake.  Give us a call at 206-789-9788 or contact us through our website.