Monday, October 7, 2013

A Classic Wedding for a Classy Couple!

Amanda and Chris are wed!! Wedding ceremony officiated by Patricia Stimac, Seattle Wedding Officiant
Amanda and Chris celebrated their marriage in a private ceremony surrounded by their mothers, siblings and other family members.  It was a classic wedding ceremony with colors of black and silver.  The ladies all wore peacock feathers in their hair.

Their vows were sweet and meaningful:
          I promise to share my life with you
            to be your friend, confidant, and strongest ally
            to respect you in my words and actions,
              both when we’re together and when we’re apart
            to value you as an individual, partner, and equal
            to honor you with trust and faithfulness
            to nurture you in sickness and in health
            to help you navigate life’s trials and accept your guidance
            to seek new adventures wherever we may find ourselves
            to help you forge the path to your dreams 
            to communicate with you when life gets complicated 
            to celebrate the good times and weather the bad 
            to find a way back to you when distance comes between us 
            to keep humor and laughter alive in our life 
            to love you forever.
Wishing these two the happiest of marriages!

Thanks to Erika, Chris's sister, for the photo.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Sun Shines its Blessing on this Salish Elopement

Intimate wedding at the Salish Lodge & Spa officiated by Patricia Stimac, Seattle Elope

Jan and Chip traveled from Spokane to wed at the Salish Lodge and Spa.  But first Chip ran a marathon (go man go - I was quite impressed), then the two toured Seattle, and last ... but not least ... they got married.

Their path to husband and wife was not without a few bumps so the two were quite grateful to exchange their vows.

Mist rising from Snoqualmie Falls - Intimate wedding officiated by Patricia Stimac, Seattle Elope
As you know September weather in the Pacific Northwest is unpredictable.  The day began with a few sprinkles and by afternoon, all that remained was a mist over the falls.  Bit by bit the sun attempted to make its way through the clouds. 

Even so, the falls were spectacular!

Chip and Jan holding hands on the balcony of their Salish Lodge room - Ceremony officiated by Patricia Stimac, Seattle Elope

We decided the ceremony should take place on the balcony.   It was quite sweet and touching.  Love is so amazing!

Vows were said and rings exchanged.  The marriage was sealed with a kiss.
Chip and Jan look at their wedding rings - Ceremony officiated by Patricia Stimac, Seattle Elope

Just then, the sun broke through the clouds in a blessing from nature for the bride and groom.  It was a magic moment.

The bride and groom enjoy the sun after their ceremony - Ceremony celebrated by Patricia Stimac, Seattle Elope

Look at this!  Isn't this the best.

Just loved the moment.

Wishing Mr. and Mrs. a very happy and fulfilling life together filled with much joy!!

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