Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rain is a Blessing on Your Wedding Day -- Lars and Lexie are very Blessed!

Wedding photos of Lexie and Lars on their balcony at the Salish Lodge and Spa Our Indian Summer is a memory ... autumn is fully established in the Pacific Northwest.  When I arrived at the Salish Lodge and Spa, it was drizzling a bit but lovely.
Lexie and Elizabeth on the balcony at Salish Lodge & Slpa    Photo by Patricia Stimac

Lexi and Lars wanted a simple ceremony to make their marriage legal.  They thought it so appropriate to wed at Snoqualmie Falls, since it was a place that was dear to their hearts.

Elizabeth was one of the witnesses. 

Ed and Lars on balcony at the Salish Lodge and Spa.  Photo by Patricia Stimac

Ed was the other witness.

Ellizabeth, Ed and Tina witnessed Lexie and Lars wed.  Photo by Patricia Stimac

The two were delighted that their dear friend Tina was there too.

Lexie and Lars on the stairs under their umbrella   Photo by Patricia Stimac

nd, all were ready to brave the rain, which increased as the evening progressed.

Off we went to find the perfect wedding site!

It was decided the Overlook was THE PLACE.

Lexie and Lars at Snoqualmie Falls overlook  Photo by Patricia Stimac
Yes, you can see the ghost of the falls in the background!

Ed, Tina, Lexie, Lars & Elizabeth    Photo by Patricia Stimac

ctually, it was lovely, sweet, simple, personal, heartwarming, playful moment.  Happiness was as abundant as the raindrops!!! 
Toast by Lars and Lexie   Photo by Patricia Stimac

Then, back to the Falls Terrace Room to sign the marriage certificate and to toast to Lexie and Lars union.

Great fun!

Wishing the two many moments of joy, adventure, friendship and true love!!

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

10-11-12: A Day of Power, A Day of Choice, A Perfect Day to Wed!

Mona-Rae and Carlos standing in front of the Salish Lodge and Spa
It was a beautiful day.
Carlos and Mona-Rae were ready to wed.
Brides and grooms want an auspicious day to wed.  At times, numerology can be useful.  Days like 9-10-11 or 10-11-12 are so very popular.  According to Janice Lynch, Psychic, the number 10 represents completing a cycle.  It is a time to understand lessons learned and to decide where to go next.

Number 11 is a double digit of the same number, which reflects a power number.

Eleven relates to decision making and choices.

The number 12 is composed of 1 + 2 = 3.  Three refers to who is going with you.

All together, 10-11-12, is a day when the question of what is really important to you, where do you want to go and who do you want to go with you should be considered.

The Snoqualmie Falls overlook with Mona-Rae and Calros
The view of Snoqualmie Falls is quite dramatic.

For Carlos and Mona-Rae, it was a self-evident truth.  They wished to marry -- to begin their life together as husband and wife.

The two wanted to wed a location that held natural beauty and simple elegance.  When they came upon the Salish Lodge and Spa, the choice was easy to make.

Mona-Rae and Carlos are framed by brilliant red leaves at The Salish Lodge & Spa
The red of the trees was vibrant!

Plus, autumn is Mona-Rae's favorite time of the year.  She was thrilled with the brilliant colors of the trees.

Mona-Rae and Carlos with guests at The Salish Lodge & Spa
Everyone was quite happy!

The two planned an intimate ceremony and celebration with only family and the closest of friends.

Carlos and Mona-Rae near The Attic Room at The Salish Lodge and Spa

We had so much fun checking out the various places for photographs.  There are so many of them!

Here they are on the way to The Attic.

To the restaurant where they had reservations.
Mona-Rae and Carlos at the Salish Lodge and Spa restaurant

Mona-Rae and Carlos at The Salish Lodge and Spa

And, outside the restaurant.

Of course we had to walk to see the Falls and to take in the surrounding gardens.

Carlos and Mona-Rae on the grounds at The Salish Lodge and Spa

Carlos and Mona-Rae walk hand in hand at Snoqualmie Falls

Wishing the Mr. and Mrs. a life filled with love and happiness that sustains them both for many, many, many years.  May they be joyful and walk hand in hand through it all.

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