Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve Wedding of Jordan and Jessica

Our home/office was graced this wonderful day by Jessica and Jordan sharing their wedding vows.  They are a lovely couple and we felt honored to meet them.

The two had gone through the sample wordings we emailed to them and selected just the "right" words for them.  The bride and groom invited friends to witness their vows and it turned out that they too had married on December 24th and were celebrating their 11th anniversary.  Wow!!

It was so fun to watch their excitement, delight and happiness.  

After sealing their promises with a kiss, they were heading off to the Salish Lodge for a massage and an overnight stay.

And so there was much joy in our home/office on this special day.  One couple rejoicing in their years of love and another just beginning their married life!!!

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Kimmie and Ricky - Dreaming of a Beach Wedding, Celebrating Their Love

The bride and groom were so looking forward to a wedding in Hawaii:  feeling the warm sand underfoot, the sun on their backs, the sweet-scented breezes and the other wonders of being in an island paradise.

Life, however, happened and the wedding funds were needed elsewhere.  So the two created a lovely celebration at their parent's home with an Hawaiian theme.  In fact, a small section of sand was at the foot of the arbor so a bit of the beach spirit was there.

The two exchanged personal vows.  Both were so touching -- listening, it was evident how much the couple is in love.

Wishing Rick and Kimmie a journey together that is endlessly loving and that brings them to the islands soon!!!  Aloha!

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mike & Kari Elope to Manresa Castle

It was a beautiful fall day!  Mike and Kari decided to wed at  Manresa Castle.

Kari entered the garden and Mike saw her for the first time.  I do believe she took his breath away.
Words of love touch the heart in every ceremony!

Finding just the right words to say makes the moment a special one. 

Carly Anderson Photography
As I officiated, I watched Mike and Kari beam with love.  What a delight.

Kari and Mike had the good fortune of meeting Mr. and Mrs. M, who were celebrating their 29th anniversary at Manresa Castle.  This wonderful couple witnessed the ceremony.  What a blessing for both couples.

Kent and I find that every time we officiate, it is like renewing our wedding vows.  I think that was the case here too!

And the lucky couple begins to celebrate their marriage.  Wishing Kari and Mike the very best!

Carly Anderson Photography

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Friday, September 10, 2010

David & Elizabeth Elope to Alexander's Country Inn near Mt. Rainier

Elizabeth and David traveled from San Francisco in order to exchange their wedding vows near Mt. Rainier.  It was a typical autumn day:  overcast with some drizzle and a few sun breaks.  The two selected Alexander's Country Inn as the place to wed.

The Inn offers a number of elopement options.  They chose the one that included their room, a champagne toast, a bridal bouquet, a boutonniere and a romantic dinner for two.  Just what David and Elizabeth were looking for.
The bride and groom actually went to the same school in Peru, reconnected in San Francisco and married here in the Pacific Northwest.  An intercontinental romance for a wonderful couple!

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Wedding Ceremony of Aaron and Kristin Held on Mt. Rainier

Smiles all around when the wedding vows were exchanged.
This very amazing couple decided to exchange their marriage vows at Ricksecker Point.  It was a holiday weekend.  Family and friends flew in from all over the country to converge in Ashford.  They were adventurous folk who shared the weekend together at Dancing Bear Lodge.  Everyone pitched in, got to know each other and generally had a good time.  Then, on the wedding they ventured forth in the rain into Mt. Rainier National Park wearing a mix of dress clothes and hiking shoes/boots.

Although we only caught glimpses of the mountain, Kristin and Aaron's love warmed everyone's heart.  The umbrellas lent a festival touch to the celebration and there was a sense of connection created by the mist.

Oh, and the air was absolutely delicious!!!  So cool and clean.  I couldn't breathe in enough of it.

After the nuptials, the bride and groom headed off for a short hike.  We hope they enjoy endless trails together!!  So fun.  Meanwhile we indulged in wonderful marionberry pie from Copper Creek Inn.

Thanks to Russ, Aaron's uncle,  for the photo!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Jason and Monica Renew Vows on Their First Anniversary

Why marriage?

Because to the depths of me,
  I long to love one person,
   with all my heart, my soul, my mind, my body ....
                                --Mari Nichols-Haining

Jason and Monica feel blessed to be married and wanted to celebrate their first anniversary by renewing their vows and then going out to dinner.  We met at Green Lake, at a spot they especially selected.  Holding hands and speaking words of love a few tears were shed.  Witnessing the two, I was deeply moved.

The couple asked me to write the ceremony for them.  Here is what Monica said:
I wanted to take a peek but decided to stop reading because what you've put together is super pretty and elegant and is making me cry. Be sure to be ready for waterworks. And thank you so much! This is absolutely what I was hoping for. 

Wishing Monica and Jason many more happy years together!!!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gary & Delaine Celebrate Their Second Anniversary

Today, Kent and I received an email from Delaine and Gary.  I officiated for them in an intimate ceremony.

Family remains very important to them (in the center - Delaine is in the front and Gary is right behind her).  They plan on getting in touch with us each year to let us know at least one couple we officiated for ise still going strong!

We love hearing from the couples we marry.  Very joyous.  Delaine and Gary, wishing you both many years of happiness!!!

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Reagan & Kim Wed aboard the Kitsap Ferry

Kim and Reagan are a fun-loving, happy couple who planned their marriage ceremony while enroute to Bremerton aboard the ferry. About 20 of their friends with their children rendevoused on the main deck: some guests arrived by car, some were foot passengers.

The day was fickle, alternating from rainy and windy (the kind of wind that turns umbrellas inside out) with sun and clear skies. Love brings out the best, even in the weather. The ceremony began, the sun shone, hearts warmed.

Some of the ladies prepared for this special day with henna designs. Aren't they beautiful!Everyone was delighted!

"Thank you for your calm, kind and professional presence at our wedding. We are so glad Emily and Gregory suggested you! (Their best man and matron of honor!)"
Happy sailings, Reagan and Kim!! Wishing you smooth seas and a steady wind at your backs.

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