Sunday, October 21, 2012

Rain is a Blessing on Your Wedding Day -- Lars and Lexie are very Blessed!

Wedding photos of Lexie and Lars on their balcony at the Salish Lodge and Spa Our Indian Summer is a memory ... autumn is fully established in the Pacific Northwest.  When I arrived at the Salish Lodge and Spa, it was drizzling a bit but lovely.
Lexie and Elizabeth on the balcony at Salish Lodge & Slpa    Photo by Patricia Stimac

Lexi and Lars wanted a simple ceremony to make their marriage legal.  They thought it so appropriate to wed at Snoqualmie Falls, since it was a place that was dear to their hearts.

Elizabeth was one of the witnesses. 

Ed and Lars on balcony at the Salish Lodge and Spa.  Photo by Patricia Stimac

Ed was the other witness.

Ellizabeth, Ed and Tina witnessed Lexie and Lars wed.  Photo by Patricia Stimac

The two were delighted that their dear friend Tina was there too.

Lexie and Lars on the stairs under their umbrella   Photo by Patricia Stimac

nd, all were ready to brave the rain, which increased as the evening progressed.

Off we went to find the perfect wedding site!

It was decided the Overlook was THE PLACE.

Lexie and Lars at Snoqualmie Falls overlook  Photo by Patricia Stimac
Yes, you can see the ghost of the falls in the background!

Ed, Tina, Lexie, Lars & Elizabeth    Photo by Patricia Stimac

ctually, it was lovely, sweet, simple, personal, heartwarming, playful moment.  Happiness was as abundant as the raindrops!!! 
Toast by Lars and Lexie   Photo by Patricia Stimac

Then, back to the Falls Terrace Room to sign the marriage certificate and to toast to Lexie and Lars union.

Great fun!

Wishing the two many moments of joy, adventure, friendship and true love!!

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

10-11-12: A Day of Power, A Day of Choice, A Perfect Day to Wed!

Mona-Rae and Carlos standing in front of the Salish Lodge and Spa
It was a beautiful day.
Carlos and Mona-Rae were ready to wed.
Brides and grooms want an auspicious day to wed.  At times, numerology can be useful.  Days like 9-10-11 or 10-11-12 are so very popular.  According to Janice Lynch, Psychic, the number 10 represents completing a cycle.  It is a time to understand lessons learned and to decide where to go next.

Number 11 is a double digit of the same number, which reflects a power number.

Eleven relates to decision making and choices.

The number 12 is composed of 1 + 2 = 3.  Three refers to who is going with you.

All together, 10-11-12, is a day when the question of what is really important to you, where do you want to go and who do you want to go with you should be considered.

The Snoqualmie Falls overlook with Mona-Rae and Calros
The view of Snoqualmie Falls is quite dramatic.

For Carlos and Mona-Rae, it was a self-evident truth.  They wished to marry -- to begin their life together as husband and wife.

The two wanted to wed a location that held natural beauty and simple elegance.  When they came upon the Salish Lodge and Spa, the choice was easy to make.

Mona-Rae and Carlos are framed by brilliant red leaves at The Salish Lodge & Spa
The red of the trees was vibrant!

Plus, autumn is Mona-Rae's favorite time of the year.  She was thrilled with the brilliant colors of the trees.

Mona-Rae and Carlos with guests at The Salish Lodge & Spa
Everyone was quite happy!

The two planned an intimate ceremony and celebration with only family and the closest of friends.

Carlos and Mona-Rae near The Attic Room at The Salish Lodge and Spa

We had so much fun checking out the various places for photographs.  There are so many of them!

Here they are on the way to The Attic.

To the restaurant where they had reservations.
Mona-Rae and Carlos at the Salish Lodge and Spa restaurant

Mona-Rae and Carlos at The Salish Lodge and Spa

And, outside the restaurant.

Of course we had to walk to see the Falls and to take in the surrounding gardens.

Carlos and Mona-Rae on the grounds at The Salish Lodge and Spa

Carlos and Mona-Rae walk hand in hand at Snoqualmie Falls

Wishing the Mr. and Mrs. a life filled with love and happiness that sustains them both for many, many, many years.  May they be joyful and walk hand in hand through it all.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gary and Kristine Wed at the Salish Lodge

Photo by Chris Sollart

It was so interesting and engaging creating a ceremony with Kristine and Gary.   The bride graduated from Divinity School and had some wonderful ideas for the wording of the ceremony.  (Love when that happens.)

Photo by Chris Sollart

The ceremony took place at their suite.  The bride and groom brought their own table covering, chalice and other items for the ceremony.  It was a lovely occasion. 

Photo by Chris Sollart

The ladies (Sherri and LaRae) at the Salish Lodge were the witnesses.

Kristine and Gary loved their ceremony:

"Our wedding could not have been more perfect.  Thank you!"

Afterwards, there were photos to be taken.  Chris Sollart was the photographer. 
Photo by Chris Sollart
Photo by Chris Sollart

There are so many wonderful areas around the falls.  Kristine looked so good:  her veil was handcrafted by a professional veil maker and her dress was also specially designed.

Photo by Gary

Then, on to dinner ...

Photo by Kristine

The crowning of the day was a magnificent sunset  ...
Photo by Gary
Photo by Kristine

... and the glory of the next morning was a rainbow!  This marriage is certainly blessed!!

Wishing Gary and Kristine many, many years of happiness! 

Thanks for Chris Sollart for the photographs and to the staff at the Salish Lodge and Spa.

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Todd and Camille Wed at Paradise!

This is such a great quote!

The morning was a bit overcast and I was concerned that we wouldn't be able to clearly see all of Mt. Rainier.  It is always such a treat to visit the mountain and take in its awesomeness.  To celebrate a wedding there makes it even more amazing!  So a clear day was definitely a plus.

Camille and Todd are from Houston.  They love visiting national parks and try to see at least two a year.  For 2012 the Olympic National Park and Mt. Rainier were their destinations. 

So the thought of actually getting married at Mt. Rainier delighted them.

Kent and I decided to make the trip together. As we traveled south, the clouds lifted revealing the mountain in its glory.  It remained so through most of the ceremony.  Good fortune. 

The rangers were quite eager to be witnesses.
They had something unique to report this day.
Camille and Todd had scouted out the area and found a perfect spot for their wedding.  On the way there, we met Kathryn and Rick, volunteer rangers at the Park.  It turns out that Rick is a Methodist pastor from Houston.  Can you believe the coincidence?

The bride and groom thought they would be just the right people to witness their wedding ceremony.  (We agreed.)

OK ... is there a better place in the whole world than this?

Personal vows are so special.
Words and sentiments to remember
for a lifetime.

The couple wrote their own vows.  I can tell you tears were shed!

Camille began with:  "Todd,you have captured  my heart by being exactly who you are:  the sweetest, most loving and compassionate person I have ever known."


Todd shared the feelings in his heart:  "Because of you I laugh, I smile, I dare to dream again ... I will make my home in your heart."

Rings were exchanged ...

... and then it was time to kiss!

Everyone was very, very happy!
The wedding party!
Aren't they are great couple?!

Wishing Todd and Camille the very best in their life together!!  Hope they visit every National Park in the the US and fall more deeply in love at each one they experience.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Intimate, Elegant, Inspiring - Wedding at the Salish Lodge!

The happy couple on their terrace right over the Falls.
What a wonderful wedding!

Richard and Angela love hiking and backpacking and all thing outdoors.  So they wanted to marry in a place that had all the elements of nature that they love so much. They traveled from Oregon to Snoqualmie Falls.

The ceremony took place in their suite at the Salish Lodge.  The two had decorated it to include a table for the unity candle they lit and a place to sign their marriage documents.  Roses everywhere.  It was so romantic!
Angela and Richard were so happy

Kristen from the Salish and Bruce, the photographer, were the witnesses.

A tub for two

Then, it was time for some couple's photos.  We joked that they had two tubs and a phone for each ... but there was obviously a better thought.

The room itself was wonderful!  A perfect place to enjoy a kiss.

Followed by a five star dinner at the restaurant.

It was a beautiful day and there were many places to take those wedding photos that captured the day.

May the two live happily ever after!

Ah ... and a kiss at sunset to celebrate a perfect day
      ... a day to always remember.

Many thanks to Bruce Berg for this innovative images.

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PS.  Here are the two on the honeymoon in Arizona!

We want to thank you, once again, for marrying us.  You did a truly magnificent job.  I can definitely tell you know how to do this.  Everything was so professional and so incredibly special.  Thank you SO much. 
~ Richard and Angela

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Green Lake is the Perfect Place to Elope in Seattle

Landon and Emily are an adorable couple.  Both are in the military and Landon flew up to Seattle from where he is stationed in San Diego for his wedding.

They were going to marry at our place but the weather was absolutely perfect today so we all went over the nearby Green Lake (it's just four blocks away).  The ducks were about, the fish were jumping, the little white flowers were blooming in the grass -- life and love were in the air!

They brought two of their friends with them to be the witnesses.  

Landon and his best man ...

Emily and her man of honor!

Of course, the wedding vows were sealed with a kiss.

Then it was off to celebrate in Seattle!

Wishing the two the very best in their life together as a married couple.

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Most Romantic Vow Renewal Ever!

And so the ceremony began ...
"Tonight, the two of you will renew your wedding vows.
It is a very special occasion.  You have been married for 15 years and a day.  You came together as individuals in love and have sustained your union while supporting each other in your growth as individuals.  Both of you have helped create a relationship of loving kindness:  you have shared hopes and dreams, made a home that is safe and secure, a place of comfort and renewal, been able to express your true feelings, thoughts and emotions to one other."

The story of Mike and Lynn is so incredibly romantic!  They were fortunate to have found each other.  At the time, Mike was in the Navy so they married in front of the fireplace in their home. It wasn't the simple equation of man + woman.  There was man + woman + children + dogs + horses, then the birth of their children and the adoption of four others.  Not surprisingly, the two didn't have the time or the resources for a romantic get away.

Mike surprised Lynn with a vow renewal ceremony and weekend at the Salish Lodge. Lynn was thrilled and delighted!!

Their love was so palpable.  Theirs is a love that has met challenges and thrived.  Theirs is a love that inspires.

oth were so very happy!

These are the hands they have held through it all ... and their rings are reminders of their mutual commitment to "go the distance" together.

Lynn and Mike have hearts so big.  They are everyday heroes and it was an honor to be present with them at their vow renewal.  Wishing them blessings beyond measure!

Thanks to Amber Zbitnoff for the photos.

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