Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Chicago Couple Weds in the Olympics

Two chefs creating their own unique wedding!
There is so much to love about weddings.  Today, I ventured out to the Port Angeles area, about 80 miles from Seattle.  There I met Dylan and Dana, a great couple from Chicago. (That's where Kent and I met!)  They selected their wedding location based on the culinary signature of the area and beautiful scenery.  They decided on the greater Seattle area since they hadn't visited here yet, stopped by Pike Place Market to pick up the makings for a dinner or two, then traveled to their destination -- a cabin east of Port Angeles with a magnificent view of the Olympics.  (Plus it has a heated pool, jacuzzi, gazebo and its own pond.)

Dana and I immediately started talking about "field to table" dinners, preserving small, local farms, sustainable agriculture.  These are passionate interests for her ... and for me.  Dana even wanted her dress to be more of a person-to-person experience so she went online to Etsy and found one that was unique and perfectly suited her.

Both the bride and the groom wanted to be wed with the mountains behind them.  The Olympics were visible at the start of the day but a cloud bank moved in as the morning progressed and the two were losing hope.  Then, just before the wedding ceremony, the clouds shifted a bit and there were the mountains.  Perfect!

The weather was also surprisingly warm.  Dana was delighted she was almost comfortable outside without a coat.  (Brave woman.)

The vows were exchanged, the papers signed and the couple are now Mr. and Mrs!  It was a great experience all around.  Wishing the two a lifetime of happiness and health and an infinite number of absolutely great meals.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Brian and Maggie Wed at Salish Lodge

Don't they look happy!
Today is the 15th anniversary of Maggie and Brian's first date.  It is obvious the two are in love -- you can see it in their eyes.  So marriage is the next step.

It was a beautiful autumn day and a gorgeous eve.  (As I was driving to the Salish Lodge and Spa, it had just finished raining and there was a rainbow across the entire northern sky.)

The newlyweds are enjoying their corner room
with a terrace right next to the Falls.
The lucky couple invited two close friends -- Janis and Harold -- to witness the ceremony and to celebrate with them.  Their friends are a married couple and were asked to hold the rings while I spoke about them during the ceremony.  It was a touching moment for everyone.

Afterwards, the guys shared a beer ...

        and the ladies clinked their glasses!

I meet the nicest people.

Just heard from Maggie and Brian:

O GLAD you were our officiant.  We really enjoyed meeting you and having you be part of our ceremony.  You and the services you offer are wonderful, no, actually SPECTACULAR!

s an administrative person myself, I truly appreciate your immediate follow up as well.  I will make sure that I recommend you to everyone that I know that will be getting married.  You helped make our evening....well....perfect.  :-)

Wishing Brian and Maggie many wonderful years together!

The Salish Lodge and Spa offers a great elopement option called "Elope Atop the Falls."  It includes:
  • one of the river side rooms
  • rose petals and sparkling wine in room upon arrival
  • Salish keepsake champagne flutes
  • personal wedding cake for two with the bride and groom's initials
  • petite floral bouquet
  • Salish keepsake picture frame
  • Table 5 in the Dining Room with a four-course tasting menu
  • breakfast for two featuring the four-course country breakfast
  • plus they have a spa!!!
Simple, elegant and easy.  It is a popular choice.
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Monday, March 21, 2011

James and Mona - Love Blooms in Magnolia

The happy couple!
Persian New Year
   First Day of Spring
Ebrahim's Birthday (the bride's father) ...and a wedding!  
Talk about significance in the day!!  

Mona and James decided to wed in their home among family and the closest of friends.  Mona's parents traveled from Montana to witness the wedding ceremony.  
Basad, Ebrahim and Mona  - Family

It was fun taking photos. 
And sharing well wishes!

Mona, James and the wedding guests
It was great to Tyson and Anna (the couple on the left).  They are celebrating two years of marriage.  My husband, Kent, officiated for them and we met for premarital preparation sessions.  The two shared our names with James and Mona.  Thank you Anna!  Thank you Tyson!

The ceremony included one of my favorite sections from Gifts of the Sea about dancing together as a metaphor for love.

Both James and Mona were absolutely glowing.  Mona is a radiant bride.  She decided on orchids for her bouquet and often wears a single orchid in her hair.  This bridal bouquet was fashioned by Metropolitan Market.  Mona was delighted with it.

There's a phase in the I Ching that speaks of "words as sweet as the fragrance of orchids."  May Mona and James enjoy a relationship characterized by sweet words and sweet times together.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

Candy and Gordon Elope to the Alexis Hotel in Seattle

Yes, Seattle is a wonderful destination for a wedding.  Candy called us the week of their wedding and things moved into place so very quickly!

Since we accept Paypal, we received their reservation fee instantly and immediately sent them a collection of sample wordings for their ceremony.  Gordon and Candy were drawn to one that suited them perfectly.

The two arrived in town on Friday night, then visited Pike Place Market on Saturday morning, prepared for their ceremony that afternoon and then enjoyed a night on the town.  A great wedding weekend.

They stayed at the Alexis Hotel and enjoyed complimentary champagne.  Russell, on staff at the hotel, volunteered to be a witness, along with my husband, Kent.

Candy and Gordon decided on a more religious ceremony which included the "cord of three strands" and a hand washing ritual as a way of preparing for their marriage.  It was a very touching and lovely ceremony.
And, of course, they sealed their vows with a kiss.

Wishing the two a lifetime of happiness!!!

"Thank you so much for all that you did to help with our ceremony. We are very grateful, we feel very blessed to have found you and your husband to be part of our very special day. "
~ Candy and Gordon
Kent and I enjoyed meeting Gordon and Candy ... and celebrating their wedding.  If you're planning a destination wedding, consider Seattle and consider us.  You can reach us at 206.789.9788 or through our website.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

"I Do" - Angela and Matthew Finally Affirm Their Vows

"I do" - two words Angela and Matthew have wanted to say for years!
O'Dell Center in Kent had an open house today.  We were happy to be invited to the event and to learn about a venue that is new to us.  Kent was our representative.

The highlight of the afternoon was his meeting up with Matthew and Angela.  The two happened to be at the open house with their friends who were getting married.

Angela and Matthew married a few years ago.  They had met with us and at the time thought our fee was a bit over their budget. They decided to go with another officiant.  

When they saw Kent, they recognized him immediately and couldn't wait to share their "wedding ceremony story" with him.  In hindsight, the two wished they had chosen one of us to officiate for them.

Here is what they said.  Their wedding day was going very well ... until the ceremony.  The officiant had a "melt down" and in the confusion, skipped pages of the ceremony.  Angela noticed and pointed this out to the officiant several times.  When all was said and done, the couple had never actually said, "I do."  They regretted not saying these two very important words to each other.

Angela wanted to make it right and asked Kent if they could do so on the spot.  Kent was overjoyed to oblige.  The couple joined hands, Kent asked if they would take each other as husband and wife, they jubilantly responded, "I do," and kissed.

Satisfaction at last!  

Kent asked for a photo and permission to share their story, which was happily given.  Matthew and Angela look forward to seeing this blog post.  

The end!   (Not really.  It's the continuation of a very happy marriage!!!)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Wedding of Betsy and Kojo

I was very fortunate to begin Valentine's Day by officiating for Kojo and Betsy.  They are so in love and so full of good nature.  Cupid certainly was true of aim when he brought these two together. I smiled the rest of the day thinking of them.

Betsy's sister, Gay, and Kojo's friend, Kevin, did the honors of maid of honor and best man.

The guys, two of whom were already married, congratulated Kojo on his transition to a very happy life!

Dear friends also attended the ceremony.  Everyone was so happy for the bride and groom.

And, of course, there were plenty of opportunities to share a kiss or two.
"There are no words to express how grateful Kojo and I are for the magnificent wedding you created for us and for which you officiated.  We both felt that you were very much a part of our friends and family who were present. 

You have our appreciation also for making our rather short-notice ceremony as easy as it could possibly have been considering the time element.  Your organization and ability to communicate to us what needed to be completed – and when – were welcome and comforting guidelines that allowed us to do our part in the most expeditious manner.
We can't imagine anyone creating a better experience!"
Wishing the sweethearts a life time of happiness and health!

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Brent and Leah Join in Wedlock in the Pacfic Northwest

I know I've written about this before but intimate weddings are so great!!!

Leah and Brent recently arrived here.  It is a time of beginnings in their lives: they are living in a new part of the country, are setting up a new home, are starting a new life together as a married couple.  

They like the area ... and they are delighted and grateful to have found each other.  And, I enjoyed just watching them.

The bride looked stunning!  OK, Brent looked pretty dashing himself.
Leah loves Brent.  Brent loves Leah.

It was obvious they are in love.  (I'm learning about photo editing and I just couldn't resist creating a heart for them.

Christina and Alex join in the celebration!

New friends came together to witness their vows ...
    and to celebrate Brent and Leah's good fortune!

Everyone is pretty happy!
I appreciated the black, white and red color theme!
So what are they drinking?  I'm glad you asked.  It's Sierra Nevada Celebrations (one of Sierra Nevada's holiday brews) and a favorite of the couple.  (And, yes, I couldn't restrain myself ... the little hearts just help reflect their LUV!)

If there are hearts and LUV in your life and a wedding in your future, give us a call at 206.789.9788 or through our website.

Monday, January 17, 2011

David and Amber's Wedding at the Salish Lodge

Love in the Library

As you know, in the summer many cruise ships depart from Seattle and make their way along the coast to Alaska.  People from all over the country, as well as the world, travel here.  Which is what this bride and groom decided to do.  Imagine this: flying from Texas, arriving in Seattle, enjoying a night at the iconic Salish Lodge (can you get more Pacific Northwest than that), experiencing a sweet wedding near Snoqualmie Falls, boarding the cruise ship and honeymooning while touring some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.  

There are many paths to enjoy near the Falls.
Having just experienced my first cruise, all I can say is "Wow!"  I don't think I've relaxed more in my entire life.  What a great way to begin married life!!

Not only are the Falls amazing, the grounds around it are too.  So we met near the Lodge, then strolled to the meadow near the Falls and decided it was the perfect place for the wedding ceremony to take place.  The mist from the Falls keeps the surrounding area truly "green" and fresh.

It was a sweet and simple ceremony.

The couple selected Why Marriage by Mari Nichols-Haining as part of the ceremony wording:
...  Because I need to cuddle in the warmth of the night
With someone who thanks God for me,
With someone I feel blessed to hold...
Because marriage means opportunity
To grow in love in friendship...

The vows were sealed with a kiss (of course)! 

And, then it was time for another kiss! (There's always time for a kiss, you know.) 

"A Heavenly Ceremony absolutely made our wedding experience wonderful.  Pat was so easy to speak with.  She is very personable, timely and understanding of our wants.  She offered great ideas and lots of resources so you can have the ceremony you want.
During the service, Pat makes the moment more special.  By the energy and passion she puts into it, you can tell she is just as happy for you as you are.  She is a wonderful officiant and we'll always remember her!"

Oh ... what can I say.  It was a great wedding!  I truly enjoyed officiating for  David and Amber and wish them a marriage as beautiful, meaningful and engaging as their ceremony!

Many thanks to Cory Parris for these incredible photographs.

If you are planning to wed before taking a cruise to Alaska or while you are vacationing in the area, give us a call at 206.789.9788 or through our website.  Seattle has some very scenic places to exchange your wedding vows.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Andrew and Chanele -- A Sweet Wedding Ceremony on Alki Beach in West Seattle

Luna Park Cafe -- A West Seattle Institution

This time of the year, I like to warm myself with thoughts of summer weddings. So I was delighted to receive these images from Chanele and Andrew's wedding ceremony that were taken by Barbie Hull.

Andrew and Chanele exchanged vows at the scenic Alki Beach. It was a crystal clear day and the Seattle skyline was looking its best.

He looks good in black.

The couple invited their closest friends along with their fur baby (all dressed up in his finest) and made quite the day of it.

Not quite sure who the "star" of the day was!!!

Andrew and Chanele shared personal words before exchanging more traditional vows.  I really like that! 
And so the two are now Mr. and Mrs! 

Wishing Andrew and Chanele many, many, many sunny days and clear skies.
Thanks to Barbie Hull for these great photographs. 

Planning your sweet and simple wedding in Seattle or on the Sound?  Give us a call at 206.789.9788 or contact us through our website.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mark and Cynthia -- A Very Ducky Wedding

Cynthia and Mark are a great couple.  The bride shared her wedding blog with us that tracked their decision to "re-marry," the planning process, the wedding, the reception and the post-reception celebration.  And being a somewhat private person, she selected two ducks and a collection of ducklets to represent all involved. 

Meet the Re-Dux
On her site, Cynthia wrote:
"Wikipedia defines redux as meaning "brought back, restored," so it quite captures this moment of remarriage. But the concept is best illustrated above, as in, Re: ducks.
Yes, here we are, two lucky ducks ... Suffice it to say this ducky bride and groom were a timely contribution to an already extensive rubber duck collection, which started with our baby in the tub almost 27 years ago.
And now we were about to have a second chance at matrimonial bliss."
So an intimate gathering convened at the Sorrento Hotel, the vows exchanged and the papers signed (yes, both they and their accountant are quite happy).  
Meet the Ducks.  There's RoboDuck, and Devil Duck, and Devil-May-Care Duck; the Triplet Ducks, and Flirty Duck; Wanna-Be Duck (check out that fish) and Coy Duck and several Mama Ducks; there's Punk Duck and (Too) Sweet Duck; there's Hapless Duck and Mutant Duck and Miss Congeniality Duck; there's the Wedding Party Ducks with Children in the front, and, of course, there's Karma (the dog) pretending to be a duck.
Then, a waddling (ok, I could have said flock but what's the fun in that) of ducks gathered to celebrate at Salvatore's, their favorite restaurant in Ravenna.  Aren't they an adorable group?!

And we were delighted by Cynthia's words about us:
"Well, Google came through again by offering a considerably better option than Irish Moonservices Housecleaning/Wedding Officiants/Front for the Mafia (for all we know): A Heavenly Ceremony, voted "Best Officiant Finalist" by Seattle Bride Magazine. The Reverends Kent Buttars and Pat Stimac, married for 34 years and as charming and helpful and kind a couple as you'd ever want to meet, offered their services. They were available so at last we had a "when.""
Oh ... swoon ... or is that swan.  We were transformed!

Sending sweet thoughts and loving wishes to the re-dux!

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Wedding of Nick and Mary Warms a Cold Eve

Mary loves Nick -- Nick Loves Mary
The nicest people find their way to us!

Nick and Mary are from Texas and decided to marry while in Seattle. (Yes, they cook great BBQ together and I did ask for the recipe ... but you have to go to Texas to enjoy it.  Even Nick's mother doesn't know the recipe!)

Because their families weren't with them, Mary called her folks so they could listen in. (Aren't speakerphones wonderful?)
What can you do but smile!

New Year's Eve was quite frosty and cold outside but toasty and warm inside. 
The ceremony took place in front of the fireplace

Smiles, laughter, love filled our home.  What a wonderful way to end one year and begin a new one.

We are so Happy to have married in Seattle. Thanks for making our day so very special.
~ Mary & Nick

And we all were happy for the Mr. and Mrs! May their life together be incredible!!!

CeCe, Mary, Nick and Sarah -- a happy group!
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