Monday, February 27, 2012

Paul and Suk Become Mr. and Mrs. in an Intimate Ceremony

White hydrangeas - perfect wedding flowers!

It is so fun when the paths of people we have met cross once more!  In this case, I had the opportunity to officiate for Hayo and her wife, Angela, several years ago.  Paul was his best man!!

Paul and Suk found their way to us independently ... how amazing is that ... and Hayo there was to witness their wedding.  It was so perfect.


Kent did the honors. It was a both touching and a bit lighthearted.

Suk and Paul wrote to us:

Thank you for officiating our wedding.  Though very small and private, it felt very big and full in our hearts!

It was wonderful that family could be with Paul and Suk ... and Hayo, too, of course!  
Wishing Mr. and Mrs. the best:  a long, loving life together!

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cupid Smiles On Eric and Genna's Wedding

Valentine's Day - what a fun day and a romantic way to celebrate  love!  It is a quintessential time to wed.  Genna and Eric decided it would be perfect date: there is no way they can forget their anniversary. 

Genna selected a wedding gown with red accents.  It was a wonderful choice.  Doesn't she look beautiful?  (Their wedding colors were red and silver.)

Family members gathered at our home/office for this intimate wedding.  Genna's mother and brother flew up from California, and Eric's traveled from nearby to meet each other for the first time.

Linda and George are so proud of their son,Eric ...    and delighted that he married Genna.

The feeling was mutual.  Genna's brother and mother were glad to meet Eric, after hearing so much about him.

Eric and his best man, Jesse, were dashing.

And the ladies were looking mighty fine after their visit to

And, don't forget the ring bearer.  Jessica and Jesse's two-year-old son was adorable in his tux!

Wishing these sweethearts a wonderful and long life together!

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