Thursday, November 14, 2013

Chris and Katy's 11-12-13 Wedding in Seattle

Katy & Chris wed on 11-12-13 - Patricia Stimac, A Heavenly Ceremony
Photo by Patricia Stimac
November 12, 2013  --  11-12-13  --  is a wonderful day to wed!  Katy and Chris were so very excited and so very happy.  It was a pleasure just to be in their company.
According to numerologist and author Ruth Drayer, 11-12-13 numbers are considered lucky.

Eleven is a doorway into higher consciousness;
  the number 12 is also balancing, 
    with '1' being masculine and '2' feminine, 
and that it's in a year that adds up to six -- it's all about love, says Drayer, the author of the book "Numerology: The Power in Numbers."

Since Chris and Katy wanted a private ceremony, they exchanged their vows and their rings at our home office.  And then we headed just a few blocks away to Green Lake.

As you can see, it was an unbelievably beautiful November day.
A beautiful day to wed - Patricia Stimac, A Heavenly Ceremony
Photo by Patricia Stimac
This is where we made the ceremony legal!

11-12-13 is the day Katy and Chris married - Patricia Stimac, A Heavenly Ceremony
It all worked out effortlessly.

Chris and Katy were happy, I was happy, I think everyone at Green Lake was happy (that's what sun in Seattle in November does to people).  And when you add LOVE to the mix, it's all good.

Here's what Katy thought about her wedding day:

Pat is wonderful! This ceremony is just what we wanted! My husband and I were originally thinking of going to a court house but we ran into a problem about needing witnesses. When I found Pat online she was the answer to all my prayers! She had so many wonderful ideas about the ceremony and did not make me feel judged about how I wanted my wedding to be. She was also so flexible and understanding about us being late the day of the ceremony (we forgot the marriage certificate at home). Our wedding was amazing and something I will remember with great fondness. I am so grateful to Pat and would recommend her services to ANYONE and EVERYONE!

Wishing Chris and Katy a life together as perfect as their wedding day.

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